Payment is due as services are rendered.

Payment is accepted in the form of CASH, AMEX, DISCOVER, VISA, MASTERCARD, or Care Credit. New client / new patient medical concern cases will require a deposit (cash or credit card only) in advance of medical treatment. To avoid misunderstandings, we urge you to discuss all fees with the doctor before services are performed.

Authorization to Provide Care

I confirm I am 18 years old (or older) and I am the owner (or authorized agent of the owner) for the pet listed above. With my signature, I authorize the veterinarians and staff of Summertree Animal and Bird Clinic to examine, treat, administer medications and perform diagnostics, surgical procedures, and/or to hospitalize my pet if the doctor(s) deem it necessary for the health, safety or well being of my pet.

I understand that, except in dire emergencies, all treatments and procedures will be discussed with me prior to implementations and a written estimate will be provided upon request. I agree to assume responsibility for all charges incurred in the care of my pet(s), as well as reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, and interest if the balance is sent for collection.

I understand that full payment is due at the time services are rendered, and that Summertree Animal and Bird Clinic does not bill for services or provide payment plans for treatment.

Payments must be made with cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Care Credit. At least one picture identification (driver’s license, etc) is required if you pay by credit card or Care Credit. Pre-payment of services may be required for medical concern cases or anesthetic procedures.