*additional charges may apply

For the safety of your pet and our team, pets will only be discharged during regular business hours.

Please list any current medications:

*** All medications and supplements must be in their original packaging. Prescription medications must have a label with the pet’s name and directions clearly indicated. For safety reasons, we will not accept medications or supplements that are not in their original packaging or prescriptions not indicated for the pet. ***

Please indicate any additional services your pet needs while boarding:

Please Note:

If your pet is not current on boarding requirements, a Veterinarian will perform a physical exam to determine your pet’s general health status, and the required services will be performed during your pet’s stay. (See Boarding Requirements section below.) Upon arrival all pets are examined. If your dog or cat is found to have fleas or flea dander, they may be given an oral medication to help prevent infestation and transmission. If any other health concerns arise, we will attempt to contact you. We will treat your pet as medically necessary and apply the related charges to your invoice.

In case of illness or injury, I, the undersigned, do hereby give my consent for the Doctors of Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic to treat, prescribe for, or operate on my pet, while my pet is boarding at the hospital, as necessary of the Veterinarian’s professional judgement. I understand that these services will be applied to my invoice. I understand that Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic exercises all reasonable precautions against illness, injury, or escape, and I will not hold Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic liable or responsible for the care, treatment, or safekeeping of my pet.