Dr. Rachel Siu - Veterinarian

Dr. Rachel Siu has always had a lifelong passion for exotic veterinary medicine.

She graduated undergrad from The University of Texas at Austin and veterinary school from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. During her summers, she volunteered abroad with conservation efforts in Thailand, Vietnam, and South Africa. There, she participated in dog and cat spay and neuter clinics and contributed to conservation efforts of elephants, giraffes, and birds of prey. 
Dr. Siu found our team and began working with us on 11/8/221. Her special interests include reptile and avian medicine and surgery, skills she developed while externing at the Dallas Zoo and Fort Worth Zoo. 
When she is not working, Dr. Siu enjoys spending time with her husband, two kitties (named Zuko & Iroh), box turtle (Toph), leachianus gecko (Azula), corn snake (Sozin), and her leucistic Ball Python (Lucy).