Celebrating Pet Bird Day

September 17th has gone to the birds: It’s Pet Bird Day! While birds are not as popular as dogs or cats, they are very cute and fun pets, and have lots of ‘raven’ fans! Read on as a local Farmers Branch, TX vet offers some tips on how to celebrate Polly’s special day.


Treats are a great way to make any pet’s day! Some of the things your bird may enjoy are pasta, grapes, papaya, pine seeds, sweet potatoes, and mealworms. Just be sure to only offer safe foods. Ask your vet for more information.

New Digs

Could Polly use a bigger cage? This is a great time to splurge a bit, and give her home an upgrade. Cages are one-time expenses, so it’s worth getting one with extra bells and whistles, like removable tops and easy-access doors.

Photo Session

Birds really can take some adorable photos. Snap some cute pictures of your colorful little pet! You may want to experiment with different settings, angles, and editing effects.

Dance Party

Does your feathered pal like to dance? Watching birds get down is always entertaining! Play some fun music for your little buddy, and see if she reacts.


Toys aren’t just fun for Polly: they keep her entertained and active, and offer her mental stimulation. Store-bought options are fine, but you can also go the DIY route. One option is to make a hanging toy. String things like bottlecaps, playing cards, cupcake holders, rice cakes, shower curtain rings, popsicle sticks, waxed paper cups, beads, and plastic balls through a piece of twine. Your pet may also enjoy a shoebox or wicker basket filled with smaller goodies. Just stick with thing that are safe for your winged friend.

Veterinary Care

Has it been a while since your feathered friend saw her vet? Let this be a reminder to make an appointment! Just like any other pet, Polly needs good care to thrive.


Just like any other pet, birds are always happiest when they feel safe and loved. Spend some time with Polly! Let her hang out on you if she likes. If your little buddy speaks, try teaching her a new word, or find a new sound for her to mimic.

Please reach out to us, your Farmers Branch, TX vet clinic, for all of your bird’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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