DIY Pocket Pet Toys

Do you have a smaller pet, like a rabbit, gerbil, or hamster? These little guys make pretty adorable pets, and are very popular as children’s pets. One thing that many smaller animals have in common is the fact that they have open-rooted teeth. In the wild, they would wear their teeth down on tough roots. Since pets have softer diets, they need to chew to keep their choppers from getting too long. Therefore, you’ll need to provide your pint-sized pal with lots of chew toys. A North Dallas, TX vet offers some great DIY options below.

Plain Paper

Plain paper is cheap, safe, and versatile. You can shred pieces and put them in a box or paper grocery bag, or fold a sheet up around a yummy snack. Or, crumple several pieces up and put them in a shoebox. Another option is to cut or fold paper into shapes for your pet. This can be a fun project for kids!


You may be surprised at how many wooden objects make good chew toys. Things like wooden spools, spoons, and children’s blocks are all fine. Some pets, like chinchillas and bunnies, also enjoy chewing on branches. Just be sure to choose only safe woods. Avoid items made from hard woods, like pine and cedar, as they aren’t safe for small animals. Also, be sure to clean and disinfect your pet’s toys before handing them over. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Cardboard is another versatile option. The tubes from toilet paper or paper towel rolls can make several different toys. Cut them into rings, and then reassemble the rings into little balls. Or, fold them into envelopes.


You can make a cute little labyrinth out of cardboard boxes, paper mache, or even PVC pipe. Just make sure it’s large enough so that your pet won’t get stuck. If you make paper mache, use a simple flour and water glue mix, and paper made with non-toxic ink.


Always put your pet’s safety first. Don’t give your little buddy anything with small parts, hanging threads, or sharp edges. You’ll also want to avoid anything coated with varnish, stain, glitter, or dye. Of course, each pet has slightly different needs. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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