National Spider Day

March 14th is National Spider Day! We of course usually focus on other pets, but in honor of the occasion, we’re turning the spotlight over to arachnids. You may have seen videos of Lucas the Spider, an adorable animated spider. This little guy is probably the world’s first celebrity spider! Although spiders are definitely not the right pet for everyone, they actually do have some dedicated fans. A North Dallas, TX vet discusses spider care below.

Benefits of Spiders

Spiders don’t need much room. They also don’t make any noise, and can be fascinating to watch. And, while this may not be a very popular opinion, we also think that they can be pretty cute. In fact, you can now find tarantulas with vivid colors! That said, there are some things to consider before adopting one. While some spiders don’t live long at all, others have more longevity than one might think. Tarantulas, for example, can live up to 20 years. They also aren’t particularly cuddly, so if you want a pet you can interact with, you may want to pick something with, well, fewer legs. And, for those interested in adopting tarantulas, it’s also important to note that their venom is poisonous to dogs and cats.


Most spider terrariums are quite small. You may be able to easily fit your pet on your desk! Different types of spiders have different needs as far as housing, substrate, heat, and humidity, so do plenty of research before you go shopping. Although you won’t have to clean your pet’s home very often, you will need to watch for fungus, mold, or mites. As for food, spiders eat crickets, mealworms, and other bugs. You’ll need to dust your pet’s food with nutritional powder before feeding them to him.

Choosing Your Spider

First-time spider owners should choose a spider that’s easy to care for. The Chilean Rose, Costa Rican Zebra, Mexican Redleg, and Mexican Redknee are all good beginner tarantulas. We strongly recommend going through a reputable breeder or pet store.

Non-Pet Spiders

Even if you haven’t chosen to adopt a spider, you probably have at least one living with you already. Unless you find a poisonous one, try to put them outside instead of killing them. Even tiny animals deserve to be treated with compassion!

Please contact us, your North Dallas, TX vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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