Adopting A Rescued Bird

Well, this month has gone to the birds. It’s Adopt A Rescued Bird Month! Birds are really very cute and lovable pets. While they may not be right for every household, they do have quite a few ‘raven’ fans. Read on as a Farmers Branch, TX vet discusses adopting a rescued bird.

Benefits of Adopting Rescued Birds

Adopting a rescued bird is a beautiful and rewarding experience. Far too many of our feathered friends end up in rescues or shelters! Like any other animal, these guys deserve to be treated with love and compassion. You may also find adopting quite a bit cheaper than going to a pet store or breeder. Plus, you’ll know exactly how large—and loud—Polly is.

Things To Consider

While we love seeing birds get second chances, adopting one is a big decision, and not one to take lightly. Do plenty of research before proceeding, especially if you’ve never had a bird before. You’ll want to consider Polly’s breed, size, life expectancy, and volume button, as well as any other pets you have. Also, keep in mind that birds need lots of work and attention. Think things over carefully before moving forward.


Have everything ready and waiting for your pet before you bring her home. You’ll need to pick your bird before you go shopping. Different types of birds need different types of cages, and it’s important to get the right style. Put Polly’s cage in a quiet area with great air quality, where she won’t be exposed to fumes or loud noises. However, you don’t want to isolate your pet: birds get lonely when left alone too much. Most birds prefer corners, as they feel less exposed that way. A corner of a living room or family room is often ideal. Add lots of toys and a variety of perches to the cage to make it fun and comfy.

Helping Polly Settle In

When you bring your feathered pal home, give her plenty of time to settle in. Don’t try to handle Polly right away. Win her trust by talking to her, hanging out with her, and offering toys and treats. A veterinary appointment should be on the agenda, but aside from that, just give her time to adjust.

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