Holidays With Pocket Pets

Do you have a Guinea pig, fancy rat, gerbil, or hamster? These tiny furballs are super cute, and make charming pets. Don’t forget to include your little buddy in your holiday celebrations! Read on as a local Farmers Branch, TX vet discusses celebrating the holidays with pocket pets.


There’s no reason you can’t make your furry friend’s habitat more festive. Look for a cute seasonal hidey-hole, like an igloo or sleigh. You can also do quite a bit with wrapping paper, though you’ll want to make sure to choose a brand printed with non-toxic ink. Wrap tiny boxes up as gifts, or decorate a tissue box and turn it into a hidey-hole. You can also make shapes, like snowflakes or snowmen out of plain paper. Another thing you can do is put decorations, such as tinsel and string lights, outside your pet’s cage. Just make sure it’s in a spot they can’t reach.


Many holiday gatherings center around those mouthwatering seasonal foods. You can certainly give your little pal something special. Just stick with safe, suitable options. Ask your vet for advice.


Don’t forget to fill your pet’s stocking! (Actually, for some smaller animals, like ferrets, the stocking may be a good gift on its own.) Toys and treats are always at the top of the list here. Chew toys are also very popular with these tiny furballs. You can also give your furry friend a new hidey-hole, an exercise wheel, or a bigger, better cage.


Smaller animals can take some truly adorable holiday photos. Photos of these little guys wearing Santa hats are always cute! Snap some adorable pics of your little furball.


Pocket pets are often quite timid, and can get very nervous when there are a lot of loud noises or commotion. If you’re having a holiday party, put your furry friend’s cage in a quiet back room.


Ornament hooks, tinsel strands, ribbons, toxic plants, and lights are all dangerous to pets. If you let your pet out to play, keep a close eye on the little guy. Never leave pets unattended, especially in a room with decorations. Also, don’t let your pint-sized pal have anything small or sharp. Items with threads or ropes are also unsafe.

Happy holidays from all of us here at Summertree Animal Clinic, your Farmers Branch, TX vet clinic. Call us anytime!

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