Reptile Awareness Day

Reptile Awareness Day is October 21st! Here at Summertree Animal Clinic, we pride ourselves on caring for all sorts of animals, including birds and reptiles. Reptiles can make great pets, though they aren’t right for everyone. A local Farmers Branch, TX vet discusses our scaled friends below.

Benefits Of Reptiles

Reptiles—especially snakes—have gotten a bit of a bad rap. In actuality, they used to be quite welcome, in part because they eat so many mice and rats. In ancient times, people often welcomed non-venomous snakes onto their properties, and generally left them alone to do their pest-control thing. Nowadays, we are seeing more and more pet reptiles, and with good reason. Snakes, lizards, and turtles are not only gorgeous and captivating to watch, they’re also quiet, don’t need training, and require only minimal daily care. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your pet chewing your shoes or scratching your sofa!

Things To Consider

Like many exotic pets, reptiles are often purchased on impulse. Think carefully before adopting one, and do some research. If you’re looking for a child’s pet, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, and blue-tongued skinks are good options. Want a snake? Milk snakes, California kingsnakes, corn snakes, and rosy boas make our list of great pets for first-timers. No matter what reptile you choose, take time to learn about the habitat requirements, longevity, dietary needs, and expected adult size of your scaled pal before proceeding. Some reptiles have very specific heat, light, and/or humidity needs, which can translate to a higher electric bill. Others eventually grow so large that keeping them becomes very difficult. Needless to say, you’ll also need to find a good reptile vet!

Buy Responsibly

Have you decided to get a reptile? Go through a good store or dealer. Reptile shows can be fun, but unfortunately, they’re also often a venue for disreputable vendors, who offer wild-caught—and sometimes illegal—reptiles for sale. This is extremely unfortunate for the animals, who really don’t adjust well to captivity. It’s also bad for the environment, as it can disrupt already-fragile ecosystems. The Everglades is a good example of this. Because of people releasing pet snakes that grew too large, the area is now infested with giant Burmese pythons and green anacondas. Yikes!

Please contact us, your Farmers Branch, TX vet clinic, for your reptile’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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