Things Cats Don’t Care About

Kitties are very loving pets. Fluffy loves to cuddle with her favorite people, and she may hop into your lap as soon as you sit down. However, while our feline pals clearly love their humans, there are some things that they could care less about. A Farmers Branch, TX vet lists some of them below.


Have you ever seen your furball knock something off a table or counter? We’re not sure why cats can’t seem to resist doing this. Fluffy won’t be very bothered if she spills water, breaks a plant pot, or smashes a fragile knick-knack.

Household Traffic Patterns

Fluffy likes to move from spot to spot for her morning, mid-morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and after-dinner naps. She may very well choose to sprawl out in the middle of the room, so that everyone has to go over or around her.

Your Sleep

Cats spend a lot of time sleeping—up to 20 hours a day, in fact. Fluffy definitely takes her beauty rest seriously. Yours? Not so much. Every night, kitties all over the world wake their humans up by pouncing on their toes, walking over them, or just hogging the bed.


Cats like to supervise their humans very closely. Your nosy little pet may follow you around from room to room, and may even try to accompany you to the bathroom!


While some kitties are very timid and shy, others are quite outgoing. In fact, some of our feline friends are a little too bold. Fluffy has been known to clean her bottom in front of guests, and at some very opportune times.

Your Clothes

Unless you happen to have a hairless cat, it’s probably not uncommon for you to find cat hair on your clothing. Fluffy seems to think that part of her job is making sure your things have the proper amount of fur on them!

Seating Arrangements

It’s probably safe to say that at some point, Fluffy has stolen your seat. Your furry buddy may even ham it up by appearing extra cute and comfortable.

Fido’s Comfort

Fluffy and Fido have had a fairly rocky relationship over the years. While cats and dogs can—and do—get along, they don’t always play nice. Fluffy has a habit of stealing Fido’s bed!

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