Kitty Manipulation Tactics

Does your cat have you trained to feed or pet her on demand? If so, you aren’t alone! Kitties may be small, but these cuddly little furballs are very, very good at wrapping their humans around their cute little paws. In fact, Fluffy is actually a bit of a master manipulator. Read on as a local Farmers Branch, TX vet lists some of the ways our feline overlords boss us around.

The Meow

First and foremost, we have the meow. Cats don’t actually meow at each other, once they’re fully grown. They usually only ‘speak’ to their humans. It’s also no coincidence that Fluffy’s meows often sound quite a bit like the cries of a human baby. Our feline pals apparently realized long ago that imitating the sound of our children really tugs at our heartstrings. This can be very useful in getting us to offer treats, comfy beds, and ear scritches.

The Purr

One of Fluffy’s most endearing traits is the fact that she actually vibrates with happiness when you pet her, pick her up, or cuddle her. That soothing purr has a very calming effect on us, and can really be a comfort on a bad day. It’s no wonder that many people get effectively ‘trapped’ when their furry buddies are curled up on their laps, happily rumbling away.

The Leg Rub

Does your cat sometimes rub against your legs? Fluffy often purrs when she does this, and may look up at you with an irresistibly cute expression of innocence. This is one way kitties get us to feed them on command. A few decades ago, cats came running at the sound of the can opener, and took that as their cue to start demanding dinner right meow. The modern feline is more accustomed to pop-top cans, but she hasn’t forgotten her old tricks.

Reading Censorship

Kitties have a habit of sprawling out on their humans’ books and magazines. Fluffy also sometimes likes to walk or sit on our computer keyboards. Is this your pet’s way of trying to control what you read? One has to wonder!


Does your furball sometimes ‘hide’ behind doors or sofas, and then dash out at you when you run past? This adorable request for playtime works pretty well for our feline friends!

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