Creating a Dog-Friendly Yard

Do you have a yard for your dog to patrol and chase squirrels around in? If so, that’s great! While dogs are both healthier and happier living indoors, Fido does enjoy spending time outside. Read on as a local Farmers Branch, TX vet offers some advice on making a dog-friendly yard.


If you would like a garden, but have a suspicion that your canine buddy will either eat it or dig it up, consider dividing your yard up into areas. Dedicate one part to the pup, and another to the plants. To create borders, you can use driftwood, low walls, potted plants, raised garden beds, or even fences.

Pet-Friendly Plants

Make sure that your yard contains only pet-safe plants. You’ll want to do a sweep for plants that are dangerous. Sago palms, for instance, are very poisonous to dogs. If you have any foxtail grasses, pull them out by the root and destroy them. You can find a full list of safe and unsafe plants at the ASPCA site.

Safe Ground Covers

Grass is the most popular ground cover in the US, but it isn’t the only option. Consider putting something else down. Thyme is a good option. Buffalo grass will also work. You can even use artificial carpet: it stays green, and is easy to hose down. No mowing required! Stay away from mulch, however. Fido could hurt himself if he tries to chew on it, or get splinters in his paw. It also tends to harbor critters. Cocoa mulch is especially dangerous, as it’s toxic to Man’s Best Friend.


Make sure that your fencing is secure, so Fido can’t jump over it or dig under it. If you think he may try to dig out, bury chicken wire along the fence line, and weight it down with rocks. We also recommend getting a self-latching gate.

Puppy Playzone

Get that tail wagging by incorporating a doghouse, sandbox, or kiddy pool. Your furry friend will also like having outdoor toys, such as tether toys. You can even get your pup a mechanical ball launcher! Just make sure to get the right size.


Make sure Fido always has shade and water outdoors. Also, don’t leave him outside too long, especially on hot days.

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