Bonding With Your New Pet Bird

Have you recently decided to adopt a bird? Congratulations! Polly is a charming and adorable pet. However, your winged pal may need time to settle in and adjust to her new home. Read on as a Farmers Branch, TX vet offers tips on bonding with your new pet.

A Comfy Cage

Giving Polly a cage that is comfortable and fun will help her feel safe and content. In fact, if there’s one thing for bird owners to splurge on, it’s a cage. This is a one-time expense, so get the biggest, best cage you can. Make sure to include lots of toys and a variety of perches.

Cage Placement

Choosing the right spot for the cage is also important. Most birds feel safest in corners, where they aren’t exposed from all sides. However, some birds do have specific needs. Finches, for instance, need sunlight. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Getting Used To The Cage

When you bring your bird home, leave her in her cage for a few days. You’ll need to clean the cage, and give Polly food and water, but aside from that, just leave her alone.

Hanging Out

Position a comfy chair near your bird’s cage, and make that your spot for reading, using your phone, or watching TV. This will help Polly get used to you.

Approach Carefully

Be careful not to sneak up on your pet, especially if she is napping. Also, avoid grabbing her. This can be very scary for a little bird, and could make Polly scared of you! Try holding out a finger, and see if your winged friend will hop onto it.

Making Conversation

Talk to Polly gently. This will help her get accustomed to the sound of your voice. Be sure to use only cheerful, friendly tones.

Share A Treat

Food is definitely one of the quickest ways to an animal’s stomach. Share some of your food with Polly. Just be sure to only offer safe, suitable treats.


When your feathered pal seems calm, see if she will let you scratch her head gently. Don’t force attention on her: just give it a try and see how she reacts.

Please reach out to us, your local Farmers Branch, TX vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your pet bird’s health or care. We provide excellent veterinary care to our feathered patients!

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