Caring For Chinchillas

Have you been looking for a pet that is unique and adorable but not extremely difficult to care for? A chinchilla may be perfect for you! These adorable balls of fur make very fun animal companions! Here, a local Farmers Branch, TX vet discusses some basics of chinchilla care.


A good cage is very important! Choose something that is made of a strong wire mesh. You’ll want to pick a cage that is more tall than wide, since chinchillas love to climb. If possible, get a cage with wooden shelves, so your pet can enjoy a multi-story home. Avoid cages with plastic parts: plastic can seriously injure your furry pals if they eat it! Also, opt for a cage with a solid floor.


Chinchillas are quite sociable, and are happiest with buddies. Only keep same-sex pairs together, as otherwise they’ll breed. We don’t recommend getting chinchillas if you have dogs or cats, though: it simply isn’t safe.


Chinchillas need lots of entertainment and enrichment. Provide your pets with plenty of toys, and make sure that their environment allows them to do what they do naturally: jump, chew, hide, and climb. You’ll also need to offer your chinchillas lots of safe, suitable toys.


Chinchillas are very sensitive to extreme temperatures, and do not do well in heat or cold. Make sure that the room your pets live in always stays between 60 and 70 °F.

Play Area

Your pets will be happiest if they get regular time out of their cage. Create a safe play area, so your tiny furballs can enjoy some recess time. (Note: since chinchillas are most active in the evenings, you may want to let your pint-sized pals out around dinnertime.)


These little guys are herbivores, so your pets’ menu will need to reflect that. Make sure your chinchillas always have grass hay. You’ll want to supplement this with suitable produce, such as herbs and leafy greens. For treats, you can offer dandelion leaves, hibiscus, dried rose hips, seeds, nuts, or certain dried fruits. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Make sure to provide your furry buddies with a dust bath! Your chinchillas will also enjoy an exercise wheel, a hayrack, and climbing branches. Providing hidey-holes is also important.

Please call us, your local Farmers Branch, TX vet clinic, with any questions about chinchillas. We’re here for you!

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