Fun Facts About Budgies

Did you know that budgies are the most popular pet bird in the US? Over 45 percent of American pet birds are budgies. These colorful little guys are not only super cute and playful, they’re lots of fun and can brighten up any household with their charming voices and adorable antics. A local Farmers Branch, TX vet lists some fun budgie facts below.


There are now budgies of all different colors, from yellow to blue to white. There are also several variations, such as the spangle and opaline patterns. However, green is actually Polly’s natural color. The other hues have been achieved through breeding.


In the wild, budgies live in flocks. These cute birds are very sociable, and require daily interaction. Be sure to talk to Polly every day, so she doesn’t get lonely. We actually recommend getting more than one, since budgies tend to be happier with buddies.


Most of our feathered buddies have three toes that point forward and one that faces backward. Budgies and other parrots have two pointing forward and two pointing backward.


Budgies do talk, which is one of their most charming attributes. In fact, some budgies can say up to 100 words! Although there’s no way to tell whether or not an individual bird will talk, the odds are fairly good that Polly will speak. Your winged friend may also decide to imitate other sounds, such as your doorbell or ringtone.

What’s In A Name

As you may know, most people know budgies are parakeets. However, Polly’s real name is budgerigar. The word originates from aborigines in Australia, which is the native land of these cute birds.

A Different Breed

There are actually two different kinds of budgie: English and Australian. The English one is a bit larger than its Aussie counterpart. Of course, they’re both adorable!

Boy or Girl

It isn’t always easy to tell boy and girl birds apart. With budgies, you can look at the face of an adult bird. Check the cere, which is a little bump above Polly’s beak. Males have blue ceres, while females have brown ones.


Budgies actually have three eyelids. The third, which isn’t easy to see, keeps Polly’s eyes free of dust. It also prevents them from drying out.

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