Your Bird’s Veterinary Care Needs

Do you have a pet bird? Our feathered friends are both charming and adorable, and fit a lot of personality into small packages! Birds have very different care needs than most other animals. However, proper veterinary care is just as important for them as it is for any other pet. A North Dallas, TX vet discusses Polly’s veterinary care needs below.

Wellness Care

Regular examinations are an important part of your bird’s care regimen. Polly may need certain vaccinations and/or parasite control. Your vet may also advise trimming her wings, nails, and/or beak. Overgrown claws can be dangerous for both birds and their owners. Polly could tear her nails, or snag them on something and get caught. You also probably don’t want her scratching you up if she perches on your arm! Wing and beak trims may also be recommended. Your pet may need her wings clipped to keep her from escaping, for instance. Or, she may need a beak trim if her beak gets overgrown. It’s very important to make sure that these things are done properly, so it’s always a good idea to go to a vet.


Every type of bird is unique, with their own specific needs. For instance, finches need direct sunlight, while parrots need lots of toys. While you’re at the animal hospital, get some professional advice on Polly’s care, including cage size and setup, dietary needs, and toy suggestions.

Warning Signs

Keep an eye out for signs that Polly isn’t feeling well. Some common ones are lethargy, weight loss, unusual vocalizations, and a lack of appetite. Your pet’s feather may appear unkempt, dirty, or ruffled. Other symptoms include swelling, runny eyes, stiff or unusual postures, tail bobbing, sneezing, and swelling of the feet or joints. Changes in the amount, color, or consistency of your bird’s droppings are also warning signs. Call your vet immediately if you notice any of these symptoms.


Going to the vet can be scary for a bird, so you’ll want to take steps to keep your winged buddy comfortable. Put some soft towels in her travel carrier. Talking to Polly in a soothing voice can help keep her calm. Also, stay with her at all times, and make sure she can see and hear you.

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