Caring for Guinea Fowl

Have you been considering getting Guinea fowl? These pretty birds are both helpful and fun to watch. As you may have heard, Guinea fowl are great at pest control. They love to eat ticks, beetles, and other harmful insects. They also make good watchbirds, and will definitely let you know if there is something on your property. A local North Dallas, TX vet discusses basic Guinea fowl care in this article.


There are a few things it’s important to understand about Guinea fowl. For one thing, they are happiest if they are allowed to roam. You may need to train them to return to their coop at night, as otherwise they may just wander off. They also aren’t the quietest birds. If you have nearby neighbors, you may want to check with them before getting your birds.


Your birds will need a suitable shelter, such as a coop. Guinea fowl can fly, so you’ll need to cover the top. If you aren’t going to let your birds roam freely, you’ll need 3-4 square feet per bird. The coop should also contain perches. If you let your birds out, you will want to train them to come in at night. Otherwise, they will roost in the trees, and will be vulnerable to predators. We recommend turning a light on before sunset, as Guinea fowl don’t like dark places. It’s easiest to train your birds while they are still keets. Keep them in their coop for a few weeks when you get first them. Offer them yummy treats, like millet, in the coop. When they return to the coop, immediately offer them a treat as a reward.

Daily Care

You’ll need to provide clean bedding, food, and water. If your birds are allowed to roam, they’ll eat quite a few insects. You’ll also need to provide them with some chicken feed. Like any animal, they will need proper veterinary care as well. Ask your vet for more information.


Guinea fowl produce eggs, though you may need to go on an ‘egg hunt’ to find them. They often nest in tall grasses. When you find eggs, don’t take all of them: your birds are more likely to keep laying in that spot if some of the eggs remain.

Please reach out to us, your North Dallas, TX vet clinic, anytime. We are dedicated to providing great care!

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