Cleaning Your Bird’s Cage

Do you have a bird? Polly is very cute and charming, but she isn’t the neatest roommate. In fact, our feathered pals need quite a bit of picking up after. Keeping your bird’s cage clean is very important, as dirty cages can cause serious health issues. In this article, a Farmers Branch, TX vet discusses cleaning your bird’s cage.

Daily Tasks

Keeping up with daily chores can make cleaning Polly’s cage much easier. Cleaning your pet’s food and water dishes is one important task that must be done daily. Otherwise, harmful bacteria could begin to build up. Having more than one set of dishes will make this easier. That way, one set can be in use while the other is getting washed. You’ll also want to change the cage papers. (Tip: try stacking papers. That way, you only have to remove the top one or two each day.) We recommend wiping the cage down with a damp rag or paper towel daily as well. Vacuum the area beneath the cage. You may want to get a hand-held spot vacuum for this, or, if you have many birds, a shop vac.

Weekly Cleaning

Every week or so, you’ll need to do a more thorough cleaning. One thing you’ll need to do is wash the cage tray. Remove it and give it a good scrubbing. You’ll also want to remove and clean the gate. Polly’s perches and toys must also be cleaned and disinfected. This is a great time to rotate your pet’s perches and playthings. This will help keep things fun and interesting for your feathered buddy.

Monthly Cleaning

About once a month, you’ll need to do a deep cleaning. Depending on the size of your winged pal’s cage, you may want to just take everything out and put the cage into your tub to scrub it. Bigger cages can be cleaned on decks or patios. Use a good brush, something with tough bristles. This will help break down any gunk that is stuck to the cage. Make sure you really get into small cracks and crevices. A small, handheld steam cleaner can be very helpful here! When you’re done, rinse the cage off thoroughly. Towel dry it before putting it back in place.

Do you have questions about bird care? Please contact us, your Farmers Branch, TX pet clinic, for all of your bird’s veterinary care needs.

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