How to Spoil a Hedgehog

Are you considering getting a hedgehog? These little guys are super cute, and can really make lovable pets. Like most pocket pets, Hedgie will need a clean, comfortable cage, a suitable diet, and proper care to stay happy and healthy. But how do you really pamper a hedgehog? A Farmers Branch, TX vet offers tips on keeping Hedgie happy in this article.


Mazes and tunnels are lots of fun for Hedgie to explore. They also provide him with mental stimulation. You can buy a maze in a pet store, but you can also make one out of corrugated cardboard, shoeboxes, or PVC pipe. Just be sure it’s big enough to eliminate the risk of your prickly pet getting stuck.


Hedgie needs a place of his own that he can go to if he wants to sleep or hide. Buy or make the little guy a hidey-hole. A tiny igloo is an adorable option! Your pet’s house should have both an entrance and exit, or be big enough so he can turn around instead of backing out. Hedgehogs love to burrow, so your pet may also enjoy tiny sleeping bags, or even a shoebox with some soft material in it.


Just like any other pet, hedgehogs love treats. Insects, like crickets, wax worms, silk worms and mealworms, are very popular with these little guys. You can also offer your quilled buddy certain cat or dog treats, cooked egg, chicken, salmon, or turkey. Another option is to spread a handful of kibble around, so Hedgie has to forage for it. Ask your vet for more information on safe and unsafe foods.

Free Time

Like any pocket pet, Hedgie will really enjoy some time out of his cage. Be sure to supervise your little buddy carefully. You may also want to do some petproofing, and remove anything small, sharp, or toxic. One good option is to get Hedgie a kiddie pool, and let him run laps around it. Your tiny pet may also enjoy a runabout, or exercise ball.


Hedgie is very playful, and should always have lots of toys. Your pet may enjoy toilet paper tubes, balls, little cars and trucks, and even stuffed animals. (Tip: hedgehogs often like bright colors.)

Do you have questions about hedgehog care? Contact us, your local Farmers Branch, TX pet hospital, anytime. We are happy to help!

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