Common Dangers for Birds

Are you considering adopting a bird? Our feathered friends can truly brighten up our lives and homes with their charming vocalizations and cute habits. However, Polly is quite fragile, and can be seriously injured by some things that pose little or no danger to us. Read on as a local Farmers Branch, TX vet lists some common household hazards for birds.

Open Doors/Windows

Even though your winged buddy may be quite happy living indoors, don’t assume that, given the chance, she won’t escape. Even if Polly doesn’t actually intend to run (or fly) away, she could easily get lost or injured if she gets out.


Fans are very dangerous to Polly! Be sure to always turn off fans—especially ceiling fans—before letting your bird out of her cage.


Birds have very sensitive lungs, and can get very sick from breathing strong fumes. Make sure that your home has fresh, clean air, and avoid exposing your winged friend to potentially dangerous vapors. Some of the things that are not safe for Polly include perfumes, scented candles, aerosols, potpourri, oil burners, cigar or cigarette smoke, air fresheners, and cooking fumes.


Windows pose a serious threat to our feathered pals. Birds don’t always recognize windows as barriers. Polly can seriously hurt herself by flying into a window! The same holds true with mirrors. You’ll also need to keep your pet in mind when choosing window treatments. Avoid anything that could entangle your colorful little friend.


Many common household products are toxic to birds. Cleaning agents; lawn/garden chemicals; alcohol; medicine; paints; and other chemicals are all poisonous to Polly. Keep these things in secure cabinets that Polly can’t reach.


Most pet birds can’t swim, so even a few inches of water can be dangerous to them. A pot of water on the stove, an open toilet, or a full tub or sink are all hazardous to your feathered buddy.

Other Pets

While dogs and cats can get along with birds, Fluffy and Fido are really not suitable playmates for Polly. It only takes one playful swipe of a paw to seriously injure a bird! Keep your four-legged pals in another area of the house when your winged pal is out of her cage.

Please contact us, your Farmers Branch, TX pet hospital, for all your bird’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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