DIY Ferret Toys

If you have a ferret, you’ve probably noticed that these little guys are quite playful and curious. In order to keep your frisky pet happy and healthy, you’ll need to provide lots of suitable toys. While many store-bought ferret toys are great, you don’t have to break the bank buying playthings for your tiny furball. There are lots of fun toys you can make yourself! Read on as a North Dallas, TX vet lists some easy DIY ferret toys.

Digging Box

Ferrets love digging for buried treasure! Get a shallow plastic tote, and fill it with uncooked pasta or beans, leaves, or shredded paper. Hide some playthings under the pile to make it even more fun for your furry friend.


Ferrets love exploring mazes and tunnels. You can make mazes out of PVC pipes. Another option is to just use cardboard boxes, such as the kind you would buy packs of soda in. Cut holes in them, and use tape to attach them together. Or, cut an old blanket and sew it back together into a long tube to make a fabric tunnel. Voila!

Old Purses

An old handbag can be lots of fun for ferrets. Your pet may love curling up inside it! Just be sure to wash it before giving it to your little buddy.

Sock Hop

Don’t throw away worn-out socks! Roll them into a ball, and let your frisky pet play with them. To make this simple plaything even more fun for your ferret, put a bell inside the sock ball, so it makes noise.

Cardboard Castle

Why not make your pint-sized friend a little palace? Use cardboard boxes of various sizes. You can use large cardboard tubes—like the ones you would ship posters in—to incorporate ramps and tunnels. To make even more mazes, cut some old jeans off, and attach the legs to holes in the boxes.


Always put your pet’s safety first. Never give your ferret anything small or sharp, or anything that could potentially be toxic to the little guy. It’s also very important to supervise your ferret closely when he’s out and about. Ask your vet for more information on safe and unsafe toys.

Do you have questions about ferret care? As your local North Dallas, TX vet clinic, we are happy to provide veterinary care for ferrets. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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